Rites of returning, translation of a comic book

A return home to rediscover one’s roots. Rites of Returning, by Taiwanese author Zuo Xuan, is a comic book for those who have moved away from home and feel the presence of an invisible force that leads them to return to the place where they grew up, to rediscover the genuineness of their relationships with other people.


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Rites of returning - Traduzione cinese-italiano - twords

The story

Almost by chance, university student Nuannuan pairs up for a summer school project with the gloomy Zhixun, her secret love. The two are asked to prepare a report on the religious and cultural practices still taking place among communities in small Taiwanese towns. But where to go?

Zhixun, usually of few words, suggests going to the city of Daxi. As soon as they arrive, Nuannuan discovers that, for Zhixun, this trip is not only to prepare the report for the university course but is also a journey to rediscover his roots: it is a return to home, a journey he has not made in seven years, and which will lead him to face the problems that have haunted him since childhood.

While the two guys conduct research for their report, with the help of their friend Yixin, they discover the preparations for the Puji temple fair, the most important festival in Daxi. Meanwhile, Zhixun tries with great difficulty to reconnect with his father and make peace with his past.

The main characters

Axun - Rites of returning - Traduzione cinese-italiano - twords


Mysterious and often of few words, Zhixun is a tenacious boy who has a troubled relationship with his father. On his journey to rediscover his origins, will he be able to find the answers he is looking for?


Sweet, friendly, sometimes a little naive, Nuannuan is ‘the city girl’ who, almost without thinking, sets off on an adventure to discover the traditions of her country… but also wants to find love.

Nuannuan - Rites of returning - Traduzione cinese-italiano - twords
Yixin - Rites of returning - Traduzione cinese-italiano - twords


A childhood friend of Zhixun’s, Yixin is also the exuberant and messy friend who is always ready to have fun and always has a smile on his face. But he is also the best friend who never leaves your side, the person who understands and supports you even when you don’t say anything.

rites of returning - fumetto cinese-italiano- twords

The author

zuo xuan - rites of returning - twords

Zuo Xuan 左萱 is originally from the city of Daxi, Taiwan. As a design student, she started working in the publishing industry as a cover illustrator for fiction books. Her first published manga, Rites of Returning, won her the Bronze Award at the 2015 International Manga Award in Japan. In 2017, she represented Taiwan at the Angoulême International Comics Festival 2017 and at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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The publisher

Jundo is a digital comics platform available in Italy as a website and an App. Jundo’s aim is to broaden the horizons of Italian comics in two ways: by giving young Italian talents the chance to emerge in the market (Jundo Originals) and by bringing to Italy unpublished works from the rest of the world!

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