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In 2020, we found ourselves rethinking our relationships with employers or employees more intensively, each forced to turn their living room into a new ‘temporary’ office. The time has come to digitalise internal business operations to ensure employees can do their job at best, enable collaboration, and increase access to information.


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Creation of a website in the technology sector - our works - twords

Artificial intelligence in the office was born in Milan from the collaboration between Giuseppe Marchi and Miro Radenovic, after ten years of experience and projects in the world of Microsoft technologies consulting and application development using the .NET Framework. The vision of is that of technology as an element of connection between people, as a means of helping and aiding each other, of collaborating and achieving common goals together.
Giuseppe Marchi
Miro Radenovic
founder is the natural continuation on an international scale of a first all-Italian project: Dev4Side Software S.r.l.

Thanks to the experience and professionalism gained by carrying out projects for important companies and continuous training, Giuseppe and Miro’s business has obtained ISO 9001:2018 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

In addition to the certifications on the quality of their work processes, they also received important awards certifying them as Microsoft Gold Partner.

Not only programming and projects, Giuseppe and Miro also offer support in training employees and managers to use the technology platforms and software they need to do their jobs.

Video training courses and lessons are provided via the website.

More than an intranet, it means





A united front

  • Mutual respect
    The team knew what their strengths were and what could be improved or developed. A clear and transparent collaborative dialogue was established, in which each member was committed to meeting the demands and needs of the others. Being able to recognise each other’s strengths and weaknesses was a natural sign of mutual respect that allowed us to do what we love and can do at best.

  • Great availability
    Getting in touch with the identity was easy as, in addition to giving me the opportunity to work alongside them in the office, they allowed me to learn more about their work, software, projects, and industry.

  • Email messages, video calls, briefings
    Whenever there were any problems, tricks or explanations, Giuseppe, Miro and the whole team were always available.

  • Shared vision
    We all wanted to create the image of the future of the corporate world and business. Having the same goal ensured that discussions were always project-focused. All our energy was channelled into doing something we were all proud of.

My to-do list

  1. Understanding and solving the difficulties
  2. Analysing personas, competitors, and keywords
  3. Creating and optimising content
  4. Optimising On-page SEO

Website delivery

1. Understanding and solving the difficulties

The language of technology

The goal of is to make business collaboration and communication more efficient using technology powered by artificial intelligence. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, leverages Microsoft technologies and platforms – such as Office 365 and SharePoint – to create corporate intranets tailored to the needs of each company.

My first task was to understand the challenges I was facing:

  • How can I make the complexities of technology and the digital world easy to understand?
  • How can I inject personality into a brand that deals with corporate intranets?
  • How can I prove the reliability and care of’s product management?

Before I even thought about sketching out an idea or conducting research and competitor analysis, I dove into the deep end of’s day-to-day operations.

The team was always willing to provide me with explanations at any time and made available to me the advanced courses offered on the website.

2. Analysing personas, competitors, and keywords

Talking to the right people

After gathering a lot of information from the team, I wanted to get a very precise idea of the market sector by analysing the online presence of their competitors.

Using online tools, I found out who the biggest competitors were, by analysing their website pages and blog content. I wanted to know what they were doing, their tone of voice, who they were targeting, what keywords they were focusing on, how was their presence in organic and paid search.

This analysis helped me better clarify not only the target audience for whom I should create the website content, but also how to set up the corporate image of so that it would be unique.

3. Creating and optimising content

Defining design principles

At this point, I was ready to set up the first drafts of the graphic design of the new website and to write the contents.

Being in touch with Miro and the team was of paramount importance because I wanted the result to be exactly what they would have wanted.

The requirements the website had to fulfil were 4:

  1. Simplicity
    Create a structure that is intuitive for the user, with content organised in a precise way that helps the user during the experience.

  2. Trust
    Clearly explain the reasons a company should trust, revealing their experience and professionalism.

  3. Helping companies grow
    Demonstrate the successes and improvements that can be achieved through the support of and the tools they develop.

  4. Engagement
    Let the passion for their product shine through.
4. Optimising On-page SEO

When Google reads

Although I had already implemented the SEO strategy and keywords while I was developing the ideas and content, I felt it was essential to take some time to review all the work that had been done.

I think it is important to review everything when the work is almost finished to get an overview of the whole project, to see where the weak points are, where the details are underdeveloped and to compare all the different steps.

Optimising a website for search engines is an endeavour that must come as close to perfection as possible if it is to achieve real results. If improvement means change, the SEO strategy always needs to be updated. Therefore, I reviewed all the work done so far, compared it with the latest data from SEO tools and made the appropriate changes.

The blog section, instead, is intended to communicate just that: a passion for their work and a willingness to help those in need. An attitude that you can easily find by contacting their customer service.

The ideas of are feasible promises that represent more than just words. had already established values, I just had to create a way to present them as best I could by making the most of the storytelling techniques.

Delivering the website

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