I'm Silvia.

I love travelling and relaxing while cooking a good meal. I’ve been in love with languages and words since I was a child. The “world of words” is a never-ending discovery, and through my work I have the chance to communicate and help people of different cultures and languages communicate, becoming a bridge so they can understand and enrich each other.

I'm Silvia.

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After graduating in Foreign languages (MA) in 2018, I entered the world of translation in China, where I studied and worked for a year. Back in Italy, I continued to specialize in my areas of passionate interest, attending training courses and translating for a well-known brand of furniture, in the marketing field, and much more.

This is what I do:
Chinese > Italian translations
English > Italian translations
French > Italian translations
Text revision

Specialisations: marketing, furniture, cosmetics, tourism.

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