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By reviewing content, grammar, and syntax, we make sure that your texts are perfect and error-free so that they immediately win over your audience.

Bilingual editing

Translation revision by comparing source and translated text.

Monolingual editing

Revision of the content, syntax, and grammar of the translated text only.


Revision of the content, syntax, and grammar of texts written in Italian.

MT Post-editing

Revision of translated texts using Machine Translation (MT).

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Bilingual editing

Bilingual editing or revision is the comparison of the translated version of a text with the original language version.

The purpose of this revision is to verify the suitability of the translation with respect to the original text, focusing on stylistic, terminological, and register consistency.

After the review done by the translator, the bilingual editing is done by another specialised professional competent in both the source and target language (the language of the translation).

Monolingual editing

Monolingual editing or revision only deals with the translated text.

This is done to identify possible stylistic and lexical adaptations that make the translated text suitable for the context and situation in which it will be used.

The revision is done by a specialized reviewer who has experience in the field of the translated text.

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Proofreading or revision of texts written in Italian focuses on copyediting before the publication or printing of a text, in order to polish it from possible typos, misspellings, double spaces, etc.

This type of activity is always necessary for any text you intend to make public and should be done with particular care for those texts that do not give you a second chance for correction, such as journalism projects, advertising, publishing, leaflets, and flyers.

MT Post-editing

MT Post-Editing (Machine Translation Post-Editing) refers to the revision by a translator or an experienced linguist of a text translated by a program or translation software (Machine Translation).

The new translation software based on deep learning and artificial intelligence always requires human intervention (by an experienced linguist), in order to make sure that the translation is error-free, and above all that it is consistent, clear, understandable, and correct for the target reader.

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Do you want more information about our services?
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